Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is a fusion of various martial arts such as: Muay Thai, Karate, Savate, Jiu-Jitsu and many more to fight. Also vital parts of the fighting style are Judo, Wrestling, Sambo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.Wrestling was an old style of combat.

Modern Mixed Martial Arts are rooted in two interconnected but separate events in time: Valetudo events in Brazil and Japanese Wrestling. The Valetudo began in the decade of 20 of the last century with the Gracie Challenge, which was maintained by Hélio Gracie and their two children. In Japan in the 70's, a series of Mixed Martial Arts fighting was organized by Antonio Inoki, inspiring the Shoot Wrestling, which later led to the formation of the first Mixed Martial Arts organizations such as Shooto. Mixed Martial Arts would get very popular in the United States. In 1993, Gracie created the first UFC tournament. In 1997 in Japan, interest in the sport resulted in the creation of the biggest MMA organization in America, the Pride Fighting Championship.

One of the oldest forms of direct engagement with few rules was Greek Pancrase or the so called Egyptian Wrestling, which was introduced at the Olympic Games in 648. Some shows of fighting without rules were made in the late nineteenth century, representing a wide range of combat styles, including Jujutsu, wrestling, wrestling and other tournaments and challenges throughout Europe. The impetus for professional wrestling died away after the First World War, to be reborn later into two main streams: The real competition and began to rely more on the choreography and the show, which led to professional wrestling.

It is noteworthy that although the Gracie family was sponsoring the tournament as the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), which (in the first editions) was the tournament's most famous worth all the practices of Brazilian jiu-jitsu not normally involve use of beating. The Gracie family, was undoubtedly a major role in the creation of open tournaments and is worth all its popularity through the television. At open tournaments, fighters can practice any method of self defense. Mixed Martial Arts is being fought along Nisei Goju Ryu Karate, Jeet Kune Do and Kajukenbo.